John Branca discusses Entertainment Law

John Branca: It’s entertaining because entertainment law is not like any other areas of law in one respect. I would say, you know, I assume people in this room are interested in the entertainment business and that’s why you’d be here. Being a lawyer to rockstars, I would say 10% of what you do is law, maybe 20% at times — but you’re a business adviser, an investment banker, an accountant to a degree, a therapist, and a rabbi or a priest. I mean, most of what you do has nothing to do with the law. So it’s a little different, I would say, than what you’d might expect.

John Branca explaining negotiations and tactics that are used, specifically within the music industry.

“A lot of what happens in negotiation, takes place away from the negotiating table”

John Branca: A lot of what happens in negotiation takes place away from the negotiating table. Professor Sabina calls it 3D negotiation. It’s really in the setup. And so, yelling and screaming at the table can only be 1 tactic that you might use it. And you might choose to use it only on an occasion. But generally speaking, the negotiations prob…. 51% of it’s probably set before you ever walk…

Attorney John Branca
Attorney John Branca

Published on March 15th, 2021 | by Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson

Name a major rock star over the past 40 years and, more often than not, you’ll find the name of Attorney John Branca associated with it.

Branca is the legendary music industry lawyer whose list of clients reads like a who’s who of the entertainment business. More than 30 of his clients are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including Michael Jackson, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Elton John, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, and more. …

John Branca gives some insight into his experience buying and selling music copyrights

John Branca: So, we started out, and one day, I found out that the Beatles catalog was called ATV music, had Little Richard, The Beatles. So, I called up Michael and I said, “You know, ATV’s for sale.” “What’s that?” I said, “The Beatles.: So, he went crazy. And it took us a year to get that catalog, took a lot of strategic planning, because the man who was selling it never kept his word. …

John Branca, Attorney to the Super Stars
John Branca Attorney to the Super Stars

John Branca got his first taste of the entertainment business as a teenager when he joined a relatively unknown band in Los Angeles. Ultimately, that same young man became one of the entertainment’s biggest names.

But not as a performer.

Instead, John Branca became one of the most successful and accomplished attorneys in the entertainment industry. In his career, he has either represented or negotiated with the most famous artists and bands in history. Michael Jackson called him “the greatest lawyer of our time,” and client Carlos Santana simply called him “the Shaman.”

As a partner at the entertainment firm…

When the King of Pop went after The Fab Four’s back catalog, records were bound to be broken. Sib Law takes us inside the negotiation that shook the music industry.

This article was written in collaboration the The Gap Partnership an international negotiation consultancy firm.

In 2016, Sony announced that it would pay $750 million for the Michael Jackson estate’s stake in Sony/ATV. This is the company that controls large parts of the Beatles catalog. But even with such a price tag, how the singer came to control one of the most iconic collections in the history of music is…

John Branca discusses the different way Leaving Neverland was treated by HBO, as opposed to the way any other “documentary” would need to be.

John Branca: I’m thinking obviously of Leaving Neverland where the point of view is presented as fact, but there’s no other side to it. In fact, the director of that documentary said, “I had no interest in talking to anybody else.” …

John Branca
John Branca, Attorney

When Michael Jackson bought ATV Music — home to the Beatles catalog — in 1985 and partnered with Sony Music Publishing to establish Sony/ATV in 1995, those strategic moves were stepping stones toward fulfilling Jackson’s long-held dream.

“Michael’s dream was to create the biggest publisher in the world,” says entertainment attorney John Branca. He negotiated the aforementioned deals and other publishing acquisitions on behalf of his client before Jackson’s untimely death in 2009. …

John Branca discusses some of the price Michael had to pay for his success.

John Branca: Starting in the 80s, James Baldwin had the famous quote that “Michael Jackson would forever pay the price for being as successful as he was and buying the Beatles catalog”. The press started on Michael in the mid-80s, and it hasn’t stopped.

And you asked the question, why not do a counter documentary? It’s impossible to prove a negative. And quite frankly, there are large segments of the press that doesn’t care because it’s not controversial.

Jackie Robinson Stadium, home of UCLA Baseball

UCLA Athletics today announced its plan to make improvements to the Gifford Sports Complex at Jackie Robinson Stadium, including the construction of a state-of-the-art baseball practice infield, to be known as Branca Family Field. The practice infield and improvements are designed both to serve as developmental tools for UCLA’s nationally-renowned baseball program and to provide recreational space and opportunities for Veterans and their families on the Veterans Affairs West Los Angeles campus.

The practice infield is to be named after legendary Brooklyn Dodger pitcher and three-time All-Star Ralph Branca, who had a successful…

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