John Branca — The Impact of being an artist and representing them

John Branca discusses how being a music artist himself has impact his representation of music artists

Harvard Law Student: How has your experience as a musician influenced your perspective as a lawyer in unexpected ways? Could you elaborate on that? Do you feel like your clients relate to you more being a musician? I was just curious.

John Branca: Yes, absolutely, 100%. The fact that I played clubs, played the band, wrote music, late nights… and other things on gave me a perspective on being an artist.

Now, I wasn’t a great artist, I wasn’t a great musician, but you know, it gave me a perspective. And the fact that I spent so much time listening to music, I think really helped me relate to clients.

Now, it’s not essential, I think a friend of mine was a mathematics major at Columbia, and then got his law degree and very, very, very successful lawyer in the music business. But I found it to be very, very helpful.

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